Maurice Brown Sr.


Father of Dead 3 Year Old Lived in Jackson
Modupe Idowu

JACKSON, Tenn. - Maurice Brown Sr., the Memphis father under suspicion for his own 3-year-old son's death, lived in the Hub City for years.

Maurice senior first reported his son, Maurice Brown Jr. missing Sunday night. He told investigators he woke up from a nap and the toddler was gone. "I searched the house and he wasn't nowhere to be found. I got my other son off the couch and I walked around the in my car drove around the block and I called the police," Maurice senior said during a television interview Monday.

Police reported Maurice senior, 28, of Memphis, told them he thought rival gang members had kidnapped his son as retaliation.

Monday evening, Maurice senior was arrested on an aggravated child abuse charge. The 3-year-old's body was found the next day in a dumpster near his father's apartment.

But Maurice senior has not always lived in Memphis. Brown lived at a home on Muse Street in Jackson, for at least two years.

"He was a cool neighbor to get to know day by day, anything you need to know or needed you can go ask them for it, " said former neighbor Shijinee Miller.

7 Eyewitness News talked to residents who say they are shocked their former neighbor is the focal point of a death investigation.

"He wouldn't have murdered his child. If you really love some one why murder? He don't seem like the type to get in trouble with anybody," said Miller.

After searching police records, 7 Eyewitness News found Brown has had a few run ins with the law in Jackson. He's had driving related charged with violation of seat belt law and anti noise law.

"It really don't make no sense, like he didn't do it," said Miller.

Maurice senior has not been formally charged with the child's murder. The case is still under investigation.

Lane College confirmed to 7 Eyewitness News that Maurice Brown Senior graduated from the school in April of 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. He is currently jailed in Shelby County. Records show, his bond is set at $1 million.


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