CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. -- Escaping from a cell in the Crockett County Jail is not that hard to do, according to Sheriff Troy Klyce. Klyce said faulty jail locks are a problem the jail staff has dealt with for 16 years. "This type of lock is easier, somewhat easier to be manipulated or jammed," Sheriff Klyce said. Wednesday night, the Crockett County commission passed its annual budget, approving $30,000 to fix the locks at the jail. Residents have expressed their concern about the faulty locks. "It's fearful. Something scary. Something we don't need here," Carrie Bardwell, who lives in Alamo, said. Sheriff Klyce said the locks to the outside are in good condition, so residents should not worry. Klyce said he has worried about his staff, however. "It's a bad feeling to not know. 'Cause you don't want your officers exposed to any more danger than they already are," Klyce said. He said the new locks will replace locks on 14 cells. "It's a totally different lock, a surface wall-mounted lock, that's mounted outside the cell door so there's no way you can get inside it," he said. Klyce said he hopes the new locks will bring everyone inside and outside the jail peace of mind. "To know the doors are going to work for sure will be a big relief," he said. The sheriff's department will start accepting bids for the locks later this week. Klyce said the County Technical Assistance Services (CTAS) helped him survey which locks needed to be replaced and what type of locks to put in their place.