Fire Department Catches Fire During Storm

Cyndi Lundeberg

WEAKLEY, CO., Tenn. - Rubble and charred remains are what was left of the Sidonia Fire Department after lightening struck the building causing it to catch fire.

"It hit the kitchen area of the fire department, where the gear is stored, where all the records are stored. That's where the fire started," Sharon Fire Chief Gary Eddings said.

Neighbors called for help around 11:00 this morning. Chief Lackey said luckily a firefighter lives near the station and was able to pull out one of the engines out just in time. Lackey said the other three engines are total losses. The total financial loss is unknown at this time, but Lackey said it was substantial.

"We ended up making an internal attack inside the structure. [That's] where all the gear is of the fire department," Chief Eddings said.

The volunteer firefighters were called to come in and get the blaze under control, it took them about an hour.

"Being a volunteer fire department everyone's working. So everybody gets a call and they're at work and it takes them a while to get here," Lackey said.

With the help of neighboring stations Chief Lackey said a fourth of the building was salvaged. He says thankfully no one was hurt and no residents had to be evacuated.

Lackey said while the station is being repaired neighboring Martin, and Sharon will answer emergency calls.


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