Fire Destroys Home in Gibson Co.

Emily Cassulo

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. - A Gibson County family is homeless after a fire destroyed their home late Wednesday night.

The family who lived on Manus Road is sad to lose their home of 18 years.

Even though all Al Clark has left of his home is a couple pairs of shoes and several pictures, he said he is still grateful.

"In the beginning it was a tremendous shock, but I began to think about my blessings, my treasure, which is my family, and we were all able to get out safe," Clark said.

Clark said he and his two young daughters were asleep when a fire started right next to the girls' bedroom.

His wife, Laquita, was cooking at the time and saw the smoke.

"She got the children out at that point. Afterward, I ran out behind them, and within just seconds, what you see which used to be a three-bedroom home, this is what is left, and it went up in seconds," he said.

Clarks said it was surprising. The heater was brand new, and he is still paying it off.

"90 percent of our home was burnt," he said. "Everything that did not burn by fire was damaged by smoke. We were not able to salvage anything. We pretty much lost everything."

Things like a new piano, furniture and carpet were lost. Clark thinks it will will cost about $150,000 to replace the items.

Clark said he is comforted to know his family is safe, and he can never replace them.

Clark told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News since he and his wife are outreach pastors, they will stay in their church's parsonage until they can move into a new home in the same location.


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