Fire Destroys North Madison Co. Home

Natalie Potts

In North Madison County, one family is now left with nothing but the clothes on their back and suitcase, after a fire destroyed their home, early Sunday morning.

Like most residents who were planning their Memorial Day break, the family locked up and left town, hoping to enjoy their holiday vacation. A vacation home owners said, they never imagined would bring them home to ashes.

Ashes and a fire place are all that remain after an unexpected fire claimed a Madison County home.

"It's severe, I would consider it a total loss," said Fire Chief Eric Turner, Madison County Fire Dept.

A loss homeowners said, they didn't see coming, as they packed their bags and locked up their home for the last time.

"No one was home, the owners were out of town," said Turner

Investigators said the family left the house in perfect condition, and it was unattended for just six hours.

Right now investigators said they do not know what started the blaze, they are just thankful no one was hurt.

"Could have been anything. It appears to us, that the fire had been burning for sometime.When houses are way off the road and can't be seen from the roadway, and if its late at night, or early in the morning with not as much traffic, sometimes they burn awhile before somebody sees them," said Turner

Officials said someone did notice smoke. One eyewitness reportedly saw the blaze from the bypass, and followed the smoke to the house that was on fire, where they then called 911.

It's something Chief Turner said, all drivers should be prepared for. "If it looks unusual or if there is too much smoke most likely it could be a problem investigate it if you can, or call 911 and let us check it out."

The family from the fire said, they do have family and friends who will take them in for now. If you are looking to help out families that have been devastated by single home fires, contact your local chapter of the American Red Cross.

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