Firefighters Battle Recycling Center Fire

7 Eyewitness News Staff

UNION CITY, Tenn.- Firefighters in Union City spent the day battling a fire inside a recycling center.

Fire officials told 7 Eyewitness News the blaze inside Greenway Recycling and Recovery started between 11 and 1:30,Thursday morning when they believe flames from the incinerator somehow jumped out and caught some of the recycling material on fire.

Union City's Fire Chief said as many as 50 firefighters were inside the building at one time, but had to be rotated in and out often because the smoke was so dense, with visibility at zero at times.

"The visibility's down to nothing and it's extremely hard to see. It's hard to move around, nothing in there is organized where the area's at. So, it's not safe to keep sending people in there, trying to attack it," said Chief Kelly Edmison of the Union City Fire Department.

As of late Thursday evening, firefighters were still on the scene and
Chief Edmison said they are ready to go in if the fire gets out of control, but for now they are letting it burn.


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