Firefighters Capabilities Questioned In Michie

Empriss Campbell

MICHIE, Tenn. - A man in Michie is recovering from brain surgery and is dealing with another setback. McKinley Rowsey had a tumor removed two weeks ago and on Tuesday he came home to find his home in flames.

Rowsey said it took firefighters an hour and an half to get on scene. "By that time the only thing standing was this wall at the end of the house and the tractor was burnt up as well."

Rowsey said he was already emotionally drained after his surgery and his house burning down was overwhelming.

He said the Pleasant Site and Eastview fire departments showed up but they came from miles away. The Michie Volunteer Fire Department was not able to find anyone in time.

7 Eyewitness spoke with Michie Fire Chief, Shirley Clark, and she said none of her volunteer firefighters, including herself, were available at the time of the fire. Clark said it is standard procedure for three volunteer fire departments to be dispatched for any fire in McNairy County.

Rowsey said he is not going to gripe about his loss. "I guess you look for the good in don't...and it could have been a lot worst."

Rowsey and his wife are expecting their first child in November.


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