Bans on Fireworks Not Stopping Sales

Erica Williams

HENDERSON, Tenn- Some West Tennesseans will bring in the new year with fireworks, in spite of the bans and restrictions by city and county officials.

For years Madison County has banned the shooting and selling of fireworks. Earlier this month, in Hardeman County, officials in Bolivar added restrictions to the times of day people can light up the sky for the new year.

According to the ordinance, fireworks can only be used on New Year's Day and only before 1 a.m. Fireworks vendors say bans do not stop people from buying.

"We get several customers from Jackson here, since they banned the sale of them," said Joe Hardin, owner of Discount Fireworks in Chester County.

People know the fireworks stand borders the Madison County line.

Shooting or selling fireworks in Madison County can result in a $50 fine and possible court costs. Officials in counties that allow fireworks, such as Hardeman County, urge citizens to use them responsibly.


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