Firework Vendors Asked to Watch Out for Suspicious Buyers

Heather Mathis

GIBSON CO. Tenn.- Firework vendors across the country have been asked to look our for suspicious buyers by the National Explosive Task Force in wake of the Boston bombings.

Court records show the alleged bombers used explosive powder in the bombs purchased from a firework stand in New Hampshire.

Vendors in West Tennessee say they are taking the advisory seriously.

"The more knowledge we have about things that we can look out for the better," said vendor Mike Martin. "We don't always know the intentions that people have."

Officials say a possible sign of a suspicious buyer is someone who asks how to get the powder out of a firework.

"The way the fireworks are made you could take the powder out, but I'd ask them why they wanted to take it apart, " said Martin.

Last year more than 185 million pounds of fireworks were sold. According to the American Pyrotechnics Association no state has tightened the restriction of fireworks since the Boston bombings.


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