Fireworks being used as weapons a concern in Union City

Heather Mathis

UNION CITY, Tenn. -- Union City Police stepped up patrol this Fourth of July after last year's fireworks attack that damaged patrol cars.

Officers tell WBBJ they were responding to Eastgate Apartments when residents began shooting fireworks along with gunfire at their cars.

Two patrol cars were damaged and no arrests were made.

"[There were] so many people doing it at one time it is almost impossible to catch someone," Sgt. Tack Simmons said.

None were injured during that incident, but officers say this year a young girl in the same area was hurt when someone fired a firework at her. The explosion caused burns and cuts to her leg.

"These people are doing it for fun to try and hurt someone apparently," Simmons said.

Officers say they will have extra officers on patrol Friday night to curb the danger. Union City does have an ordinance against shooting fireworks within city limits.


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