First drowning at Thousand Acre Beach, cause unknown

Victoria Taylor

CARROLL CO., Tenn--The first drowning death at the beach area of the 1000 Acre lake has several swimmers still shaken up Saturday evening.

"I was in shock whenever I heard about it," said Rodger Webb who was swimming at the lake Saturday evening with his family.

Officials say a 27 year old man was swimming. When an eye witness saw him go under and never resurface. In the open swim area, there's a cliff that drops to more than 14 feet deep.

One first responder says this is where the victim was. Some swimmers say this same shelf makes them a little nervous.

No life guard is on duty at the beach. Signs are posted warning swimmers to swim at their own risk.Something one beach swimmer says could be reconsidered.

"It's a lot more open and free and that could be a good thing but it's also more dangerous like today, accidents do happen and it would be a good idea to have lifeguards posted," said Faith Lorenzi, a first time visitor to the beach.

Investigators have not determined an official cause for the drowning and the identity of the victim is unknown at this time.

The beach opened in 2013.


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