Flooding Expected to Halt Some Planting Along River

Erica Williams

DYER COUNTY, Tenn- Dyer County farmers said they are playing the waiting game and not planting any more crops until the predicted flood is over.

James Hollingsworth, a Dyer County farmer, said he was expecting the best, but preparing for the worst.

"We don't want the water here, so we will do our best to keep it out," said Hollingsworth.

Experts said the Mississippi River is expected to rise to 32 feet by Tuesday or Wednesday. If Dyer County experiences heavy rain this week, the river could reach 36 feet by Friday or Saturday.

"It will primarily put water in the farmlands which is a serious event for farmers," said James Medling, EMA Director of Dyer County.

Many farmers said it is not uncommon to experience floods like this because they are surrounded by the Mississippi River; but they are hoping to protect the crops that have already been planted.

According to Medling, they are monitoring the situation and have levees throughout the county to keep some of the water out.


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