Food Fight over Chicken Tenders at Theater

Natalie Potts

Do you as a consumer have rights when it comes to refunds?
Eating out should be a relaxing and pleasurable experience but what happens when things are not so perfect? Raymond Hayes said his experience with customer service was a birthday brunch he will never forget.

"He said it was there policy that they don't do refunds there," said Hayes, referring to the manager of Cinema Planet 10.

A refund for what Hayes said was a bad batch of chicken tenders and a policy he claims, was not posted.

" It looked like it was over-done it was over-cooked you could tell it was over-cooked," says Hayes.

Hayes believes he exhausted every outlet to get his money back with the manager on duty, even calling police who could not help. What are your consumer rights as a customer if a refund is denied?

According to the Better Business Bureau and the Jackson-Madison County Health Department, when it comes to quality of food in customer service, your rights are in the grey area, residents agree.

" If your food is not right most of the time they will swap it out, but you know that there is never a guarantee," said Erica Long, an area resident.

Which is something residents said, puts them at a loss.

"I think you kinda lose control, ya know... what they chose to do with it is up to them," said Long.

A debate that is up to the manager and their policy. Residents caution one piece of advice for fellow consumers, look before you buy.

"Check your food before you pay for it," said Long.

7 Eyewitness News spoke with the president of Cinema Planet 10 Ambarish Kashani who said, he fully believes the customers are always right.

Kashani said, in this case his staff did not give a refund because the customer made remarks that were irritating to the employees, which he believes was a poor decision by his workers.

If you are denied a refund or given poor service, there are ways to protect your consumer rights. Officials said its best to go up the chain of command, and if that does not work, contact the corporate office or in some cases your local health department to file a complaint.


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