Food Stamps Can Be Used at Farmer's Market in Jackson

Joe Sullivan

JACKSON, Tenn. - The West Tennessee Farmer’s Market in Jackson now takes food stamps.

Mike Glasgow is one of 28 vendors that now take food stamps and he says his customers have sunk their teeth into the new system.

"It's a convenience to our customers. They use the card. They kind of wanted us to use it for a long time but we never did. Now they can come down here and use their food stamp card," said Glasgow

The West Tennessee Farmer’s Market was selected by the Agricultural Marketing Service to receive federal funding to enable food stamp recipients to use their allocation to pursue locally grown food products.

Nona Brummett, the Director of the Farmers' Market, said, "We are so excited about this. The economy is bad; a lot of people are on food stamps. This is a way for them to get healthy, quality food."

Customers will go to the market office located next to the market to have their cards swiped. They will then receive tokens to purchase food. Vendors get paid when they turn the tokens in.

Not only residents of Tennessee will have the opportunity to use food stamps at the Farmer’s Market. Out of state residents can use their cards to get tokens for food as well.

"We are just so pleased that they are able to use their food stamps here. It's like a service to our city and the people in our county," Brummett said.


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