Former Councilwoman Re-registers to Vote, Plans to Run for Mayor

BOLIVAR, Tenn. – A former Bolivar City Councilwoman made a surprise announcement when she re-registered to vote, Monday afternoon.

Brenda Woods went to register to vote again at the Hardeman County Election Commission. In 2010, Woods was convicted on three charges related to voter fraud and lost her right to vote and hold public office. In December 2012, Woods’ conviction was overturned by the Court of Criminal Appeals.

Thanks to the overturning of her conviction, Woods was able to get back her right to vote and hold public office.

When she re-registered, Monday, Woods also picked up a petition to run for the office of Mayor of Bolivar.

“Voting means that you are a part of the system. You can participate. You can make your voice be heard through the power of voting,” said Woods. She also said she would like to be mayor so she can bring in more industry and recreational opportunities to the city.

The mayoral election in Bolivar is scheduled for May 21, 2013.


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