Former Dog Owners Claim They Never Said Dog Was 'Gay'

Cyndi Lundeberg

JACKSON, Tenn. - The original owners of the dog known for being abandoned by its owners because it was gay said the story is all wrong. The Jackson couple said the story has been blown out of proportion and that they never called the dog "gay."

"I have homosexual friends I have homosexual family members. I just want people to know I didn't get rid of the dog because I thought it was gay," said former owner of the dog Darius Perry.

Perry and his girlfriend, Sonya White said they had 'Oreo' for more than a year before asking that rabies control find him another family.

The reason they asked rabies control, a kill shelter, to take the pit bull mix they sais was not because they thought Oreo was gay. They felt his interactions with other male dogs meant he could not protect their family.

"Nothing against Oreo he's a good dog, I miss him, I still miss him," said Perry. "It's like a job. If i don't do my job they will find someone who will and that's all this is," said Perry.

Perry and White say in the past two months, Oreo's interactions around other dogs led to two incidents in which the animal was injured.

"Another dog mounted him and he just sat there and let him do it. Being a pit you'd think he'd try to fight and defend himself and be a stronger willed dog, but he just did not," said White.

The couple said their home has been broken into numerous times and they say if Oreo could not protect himself Perry did not believe he could protect their family.

"I'm gone long hours of the day and there's a 70-year-old lady in the next room I wanna make sure she's safe."

Perry said he plans to get another pit bull, but this time he wants to get a puppy to raise to avoid another situation like this.

Oreo has been adopted and has a new name, Elton.


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