Day Two of Former Grand Junction Police Chief's Trial For Theft

Erica Williams

BOLIVAR, Tenn- The trial of a former Police Chief accused of stealing from his own department is on hold until Monday.

Emotions were high in the courtroom as Pat Ryan, the former Grand Junction Police Chief accused of stealing equipment from the department and selling it to another officer, appeared for the second day of trial.

According to the state some of the items belonged to the city of Grand Junction; but Ryan's attorney said that's just not true and called witnesses to back his claim.

One witness said he gave two of the items in question, a dog kennel and dog house, to Ryan after the city's Mayor and the police department, planned to start a k-9 unit; but after plans fell through, Ryan kept the items on his property. The defense said, the Mayor advised him that he could.

But the state argued he should have returned the items and shouldn't have sold them.

After several breaks and more than seven hours the court recessed with the unanswered question, Did Pat Ryan steal from the Grand Junction Police Department?

Court will resume on Monday. At that time Ryan will decide if he wants to take the stand to defend himself.


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