Travis Hass


Former Jackson Police Officer Gets Judicial Diversion

Emily Cassulo

JACKSON, Tenn. - A deal has been made that keeps a former Jackson police officer out of prison, and his record clean.

On Monday, 29-year-old Travis Hass, who was indicted last May for allegedly lying about who shot him two years ago, cut a deal that has some Jackson residents upset.

On June 3, 2010, Hass reported he had been shot by two men while on patrol in front of the L. Dalton Wholesale Meat Co. on Lawrence Switch Road, but state investigators later charged him with filing a false report, saying he shot himself.

On Monday, Hass did not enter a plea, but what is called a pretrial diversion - an option for some first time offenders in Tennessee.

"The memorandum of understanding lays out the conditions for which a person will be on probation essentially," said Jackson defense attorney Mark Donahoe.

Donahoe, who does not represent Hass, said this basically said Hass will be on probation for two years, pay the costs of court, and not violate any other state laws.

"If he is successful in that probationary period, then what will happen is the case will be dismissed, and his record will be cleaned up as if it never happened," Donahoe said.

The memorandum said Hass will no longer be certified as a police officer.

Most residents 7 Eyewitness News spoke with said Hass' punishment was not enough.

"I feel like we should hold them at a higher standard, and if he can get off on probation, I hope everyone else is extended that same right there," Jackson resident Mae White said.

"I think he wasted a lot of taxpayers' money with the police and everybody that was involved with the incident," Jackson resident Johnny Rieben said.

Donahoe said pretrial diversion is only available one time for Tennesseans, depending on the crime they are charged with.


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