Travis Hass


Former Jackson Police Officer Indicted

7 Eyewitness News Staff

A former Jackson police officer believed to have repeatedly shot himself while on duty and blamed two black men in the attack has been indicted by a Madison County grand jury.

Travis Hass, 29, who lives in Rossville, Georgia was arrested in Chattanooga, Wednesday afternoon and is being held in the Hamilton County jail.

The TBI, which led the investigation said Hass will soon return to Jackson where he will be formally charged with filing a false report.

In June 2010, Hass reported seeing tow suspicious men outside a business on Lawrence Switch Road who ambushed him.

Hass initially told investigators he struggled with them and that is when he was shot four time, once in the left shoulder, once in the right thigh and twice in his vest.

About a month later, after Jackson investigators found inconsistencies in account, the district attorney asked the TBI to take over the probe. A few weeks later Hass resigned.

Neighbors who still live nearby where Hass was shot said event though it has been almost two years, they are still shocked that an officer would do that.

"(It's) also frightening as well because there is no extent to, ya know what people will do in these days anymore but it also shows that no matter what justice will be revealed," said Sadie Carruthers, who lives near the scene of where the shooting took place.

State agents presented their evidence to the Madison County grand jury, Tuesday.


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