Former Sheriff Charged with Attempted Murder

Natalie Potts

Police said one man who has dedicated his life to enforcing the law is accused in a violent attack on his estranged wife. Jackson Police said a former Henderson County Sheriff and Madison County Deputy Ricky Lunsford not only kidnapped his wife but tried to shoot her in the parking lot of a West Jackson bar.

Neighbors said they were shocked that 52 year old Ricky Lunsford, a former Henderson County Sheriff and former Madison County Sheriff's Deputy would ever try to kill his wife.

" That's scary to know that you got an officer couple of doors down from you just go ham and start shooting at his wife,the woman he said he loved," said Neighbor Pricilla Maholmes

Jackson Police said Lunsford approached his estranged wife at the Tap Bar and Grill around 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Authorities said the Former Sheriff then forced his wife into the parking lot at gunpoint.

" He had two guns in his possession," said Lt. Tyreece Miller, Jackson Police Dept.

Police said once outside, it became a matter of life and death.

"Once outside she was able to break loose, and he proceeded to fire shots at her," said Miller.

Investigators said multiple shots hit at least three other vehicles within that parking lot.

"I think she was blessed that she is alive and wasn't injured. I think she is very blessed," admitted Maholmes.

" There were statements made by him that led us to believe that he was going to kill her," said Miller.

In a parking lot, police said there were at least four other witnesses well within range of Lunsford's line of fire.

" They were at risk with being shot as well, It's a very serious crime, " admitted Miller.

With serious charges and serious investigation in which police said they will not show favoritism.

Miller said, " The fact that he is law enforcement it doesn't mean that he is above the law. He still has to be held accountable for his actions."


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