Four Inches of Snow Falls in Obion County

Erica Williams

UNION CITY, Tenn. - West Tennessee residents did not get a white Christmas, but the day after has one county covered in snow.

Residents in Obion County were under a blizzard warning until 9 a.m. Wednesday morning. Forecasters predicted a wintry mix that would make roadways dangerous. Although many cities in the county got at least four inches of snow, residents said they are relieved that conditions were not as bad as expected.

"I like the snow and it's cold out here but I'm glad we didn't get but what we got," said Terry Mathis, an Obion County resident.

Residents said they did not get as much snow as they expected but the wind and cool temperatures are keeping them inside.

"It's too cold for me," said Pierce Criswell, a 91-year-old Obion County resident. "I'm just going to turn up the heat when I get in the house."

Criswell said he prepared for a big storm but is glad that the effects were minor.

Officials at the Obion County Sheriff's Department said no accidents have been reported due to weather.

They are still telling residents to drive cautiously, just in case ice is on the road.


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