Four Men Arrested in East Jackson Drug Bust

Empriss Campbell

Four men have been arrested in East Jackson during a drug bust.

The Jackson-Madison County Metro Narcotics Unit served a search warrant at a house on 62 Craig Street.

The two men who live in the house were arrested.

Massey Martin, 36, and his brother Cortez Martin, 25, were both charged with three separate drug charges including possession of crack cocaine with intent to sell or deliver.

Massey Martin was also charged with a gun related charge and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Two other men were also arrested.

Curtis Parks Jr., 32, has been charged with the same three drug charges as the Martin brothers.

Carlos Stasher, 27, was charged with two gun related charges.

Residents said they have never had any problems in this quiet area.

"Oh, yeah it's pretty safe over here, pretty safe. We hardly have any trouble over here," said John Dixon.

According to Jackson Police, officers found more than three grams of marijuana, and three guns, including a loaded AK-47 assault rifle.

One man said he was there when the raid happened.

"Cops came I guess they got a call or whatever for no reason. They got to do their job but there were a lot of unnecessary things that they were doing also," said Tony.

John Dixon has lived in the area all his life.

"I know it's quiet up in this area right here. It's very quiet, you can go to sleep with no worries at all," said Dixon.


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