Four Native Jacksonians Honored

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JACKSON, Tenn - M.D. Anderson, Will Clayton, Frank Anderson, and Ben Clayton were honored by the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation Saturday by dedicationg the M.D. Anderson Memorial Plaza after them.

M.D. was a Jackson Banker and also the President of the Anderson and Clayton Company. Through the company, he became one of the richest men in American during the 1900's.

Will Clayton was vital to the Anderson and Clayton Company and also helped with the Roosevelt Foundation.

Frank Anderson was a local cotton merchant whose crops became so successful that he needed a partner to help finance the company.

Ben Clayton was responsible for the development of the overseas shipping operations for the Anderson and Clayton Company.

Residents said honoring these men was long overdue.

"It is unbelievable they have gone unnoticed for this many years," said Richard Day, the Chairman of the M.D Anderson Fund. "Today is the 140th birthday of M.D. Anderson. He died in 1939, so this is the first time that he has been honored. But the success of his foundation in the Texas Medical Center and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center has just put him in the forfront and his name in the world."


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