Holly Bobo


Friends and Neighbors React to Break in Holly Bobo Case

Cyndi Lundeberg

DARDEN, Tenn. - Strong winds may have shook the trees near Box Road in Henderson County where Holly Bobo's purse was discovered, but the conviction of neighbors who believe Holly is still alive was unshaken.

Missy Spellings lives on the road where the discovery was made.

"We have faith Holly is gonna come home and we just want that to hurry up and happen," she said.

The Clenneys believe the purse was found somewhere behind their home. They said they are just thankful the spotlight is back on finding Holly.

"Even if it's not her purse at least it’s putting attention back on the case. Getting the word back out there that this is still a case and getting Holly back is the main thing," Tim Clenney said.

The Clenneys said they are close friends with the Bobo's and said Holly's mother had a message she wanted people to hear.

"Karen has told us that she hasn't been notified to look at the purse. And cannot verify it's actually Holly's purse at this point," Tim Clenney said.

Those near the area say the fact that something of Holly’s was recovered so close to where their children play is chilling.

"I think, was he in my backyard? Was he watching everybody's moves?" Spelling said.

Neighbors said the discovery is more than just a purse. The purse is one step closer to getting the Bobo family the answers they deserve.

"Just to have [a daughter] ripped from her mom, I mean I know how that would feel if that was ripped from me, and my heart pours out for Karen. I know the whole family is hurting but I know as a mom how you feel and I can’t imagine what she’s going through," Spellings said.

Decatur County residents said Holly's disappearance has brought them together as a community. They say the longer she is missing the more committed they become to finding her.


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