Craig Barbee


Friendship PD Chief Returning to Work Soon

Joe Sullivan

Craig Barbee, a man with an extensive criminal background, was arraigned in Crockett County, Monday.

He told the judge he can not afford an attorney and a public defender will represent him.

Barbee plead not guilty and will return to court August 20. Moments after the court appearance Friendship Police Chief Bill Garrett told 7 Eyewitness News what he would like to see happen to Barbee.

Chief Bill Garrett said, "I would like to see him off the street until he gets too old when he can't hold a gun. Like I said, he's not gonna stop I don't think. He doesn't care about people."

On May 18, the Dollar General Store in Friendship was robbed and Chief Garrett was shot. Barbee is the man charged with the crime.

Barbee faces eight counts, including attempted first degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault.

Chief Garrett said the biggest struggle he has had since the shooting is getting his strength back. He plans on returning to work in two weeks.

Garrett said, "That is the biggest problem and I'm getting better everyday, slowly. It's just a little better but when my battery is winding down it's down and it's time to sit down."

Count one of this indictment states that Barbee did unlawfully and intentionally, deliberately and with premeditation attempt to kill Bill Garrett.

"I mean it wasn't a pleasant experience don't get me wrong overall it has not been a devastating experience," said Garrett.

According to the indictment Barbee unlawfully and knowingly was in possession of a handgun after he was convicted in Wisconsin back in 1993 of armed robbery and possession of a firearm.


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