Funny Bunny Helps Raise Money

Natalie Potts

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. - This holiday the Easter Bunny has a special helper.

A rabbit that was successfully rescued from a bunny mill, has an inspirational survival story that is touching many lives.

Jasmine Sterling who owns the rescue rabbit, also known as "Funny Bunny," told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that it has taken several serious surgeries and an incredible will to live for Funny to pull through.

"When a bunny is in a bunny mill they have two options, which both are death," said Sterling.

"One is they will be killed for their fur which is extremely inhumane, and the other is that they will be slaughtered for meat."

Funny Bunny was used at the mill as a stud rabbit.

When he was rescued, it was discovered that his teeth had been pulled out of his broken jaw. Funny is also marked on the inside of his ear with a tattoo used at the mill.

"When he had the surgery before he went in, I knew there was a chance that he wouldn't survive," said Sterling.

"And look, this little guy had enough heart to make it through everything when we didn't know if he would. In fact, when I'm held him in my arms, he laid out with me not knowing if he was going to make it. He just looked up at me and I said, 'Funny I'm not going to give up until you do,' and that was it."

Now Funny spends his time raising money and abuse awareness for different Humane Societies.

In Huntington, Funny made an appearance to help raise more than $1,200 for Carroll County's no kill humane society fundraiser breakfast.

Organizers said the shelter is funded on donations alone.

"We depend on supporters, donations and fundraisers to operate so far this year we've taken in 350 animals," said volunteer Beverly Wilson.

Organizers said it is also important to share Funny's story this holiday because all too often Easter rabbits that are purchased this time of year end up in helpless situation.

"Few years ago we had a couple of Easter bunnies purchased for that reason dropped out at our shelter door," said Wilson.

"The kids get tired of the bunnies and they don't want the bunnies anymore and many times they live with no attention, without proper care."

Sterling said against all odds, Funny Bunny pulled through, proving that anything is possible when faith and hope are on your side. The story of his journey changes everyone he meets.

"It's a huge victory for Funny and i think it's a victory or little animals everywhere," said Sterling.

'It affected not only him, but it affected me and everyone that I'm in contact with."

Funny Bunny is not out of the woods just yet, owners said it takes more than 50 dollars a month of injections to keep him alive.

To find out how you can meet Funny at an appearance, owners said to look for his Facebook fan page or email


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