Gang and Warrant Roundup in Crockett Co.

Heather Mathis

CROCKETT COUNTY Tenn.- Officers from Crockett, Haywood, and Gibson counties joined forces Wednesday night, to focus on getting gang members off the streets in Crockett County.

More than 100 arrest warrants were ready to be served, by eight teams of officers. Many of the outstanding warrants on known gang members in the area.

"Gang problems are not just a big city issue anymore. It's made its way out into the rural areas, and it's affecting us," Crockett County Sheriff Troy Klyce told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News.

The Sheriff said gang activity is prominent in the county, and he is glad the counties are working together to stop gang violence. "We can gather information and share with each other. When we work together we do a lot better job."

All gang related information gathered during the round up will be stored in a new data base.

"It means we can start being really proactive towards gangs, gang violence, burglaries, and homicides. Maybe, we can put a stop to it and protect Crockett County better."

This is the third gang and warrant roundup the Gang Task Force has held in West Tennessee. The first two were held in Jackson and Humboldt.


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