Gas Heater Safety Urged During Cold Weather

Erica Williams

WHITEVILLE, Tenn- Gas heaters have become safer than ever before, according to fire officials. But a recent fire involving a wall-mounted gas heater has safety experts telling gas heater owners to make sure they take all safety precautions.

"Generally gas heaters are safe if they are installed properly," said Robert Harris, owner of Robb's Heating and Air.

Wednesday, firefighters put out a fire at a home on Stonewall Street in East Jackson. Investigators said a gas heater fell off the wall and sparked a fire that could have destroyed the home. Luckily the fire alarm alerted the homeowner and the fire department in time.

Gas heaters not properly secured is a risk safety experts said is real to many families; but it can be avoided.

"You want to get a qualified technician to even hang a wall heater because it is important that you hang it the right way, " said Harris.

Harris also recommended that gas heater owners get yearly maintenance checks and have smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors in their homes.


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