Gas Prices Drops Below $3 Per Gallon

7 Eyewitness News Staff

JACKSON & MCKENZIE, Tenn. - Even though the heat is high, gas prices are beginning to cool off.

According to, as of Friday afternoon, the lowest gas price in the Hub City is $2.89 per gallon at the Super Way on Hollywood Drive near the Highway 45 Bypass. The highest on the website was $3.19.

"Since I travel a lot, this is a God send because it makes all the difference in the world," said Fred Bell.

In McKenzie, even lower gas prices were found with the lowest at $2.83 a gallon. Many drivers said getting the lower price at the pump is greatly appreciated.

"I can't figure out if it's this low now, why prices couldn't have been lower before," said Kim Cook.

Some drivers were so surprised by the lower prices, they filled up extra containers of gas to take home.

The national average for gas is $3.35 a gallon, the lowest since January 6.


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