Gas Siphoning Spree in Henry County

Meghan Pinkley

PARIS, Tenn. - Several West Tennesseans have found themselves filling up their gas tank more than usual, and it is not because of poor gas mileage, but because someone is stealing their gas while they sleep.

It is a flashback of last year for Nakisha Peach who said her '09 Charger was siphoned many times last summer, breaking the roll-over valve attached to her fuel tank.

In just a week gas has been siphoned from Peach's SUV three times, costing her about a $100 in stolen gas. "Angry, laziness is who is doing it. It's people that don't want to work so they take it from people who work," said Peach.

Peach's mom, who lives in front of her, also had gas stolen from her fuel tank on Friday. Peach thinks it is just because their vehicles sit on a back lot and it is easy because they are asleep.

Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew said there are precautions people can take to prevent someone from siphoning gas out of fuel tanks.

- Buy a lock for the fuel tank
- Park car in garage or well-lit area
- Parking close to a wall to block gas tank
- Have an alarm system

Some cars require you to unlatch the tank from the inside of your car, or have cap-less fuel tanks that companies said makes it nearly impossible for someone to siphon gas.

Peach said she has tried it all before and fears her new vehicle will get hit once again. "It doesn't have a lock on it because it doesn't do any good, they still take it."


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