Girl: I Was Kicked Out Of Prom For Confederate Flag Dress

Emily Cassulo

A Gibson County High School student is upset, after school officials kept her from attending her senior prom because of the dress she was wearing.

It resembled a Confederate flag, and school leaders said they were worried it would start a fight.

Texanna Edwards said this is the senior prom she will never forget. She spent more than $150 on a dress, but never even made it inside!

"They looked at me and said, 'You can't go in because your dress is offensive and might start something,'" Edwards said.

Texanna was shocked, claiming she and other students wear clothes with the Confederate flag to school all the time, and it is never an issue.

"Since my freshman year, we've always worn rebel flag necklaces, shirts..." she said.

And though the Confederate flag is not specifically mentioned in the school's dress code policy, it does say that "certain shirts with printed material on them will not be allowed."

Principal James Hughes told 7 Eyewitness News off camera he asked Edwards to change or leave the prom, for safety reasons, because he did not want her dress to start a fight.

Texanna said no one who saw her dress thought it was offensive.

"Everyone told me that they loved the idea, so I just figured that nobody would say anything," she said.

But Hughes said a teacher warned Texanna a couple of months ago that her dress was inappropriate.

She and her grandmother believe Texanna's first amendment rights were violated.

"It's really bad that in this country that we're supposed to be free, that someone cannot go up in red, white and blue and they're turned away from their senior year and their senior prom," said Sara Owens, Texanna's grandmother.

Principal Hughes said prom night was the first time he has seen a student wear any clothing with a Confederate flag on it. He said if it happened again, he would do the same thing - ask them to change, or leave the school.


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