Girl Injured in Pool Accident Dies

Meghan Pinkley

The Forman family said the eight days they spent in the hospital were agonizing as they watched their little girl fight for her life. It wasn't the first time they had seen her hospitalized. Jewel was born with a deadly disease, sickle cell anemia.

Cheryl Forman said her life changed forever when she got the call, June 3, saying her daughter had almost drown. "I've been praying for a miracle that never came. It was a rough road to see her just deteriorate," the distraught mother said.

Police said Jewel Forman, 14, was pulled from the swimming pool at Regency Apartments after she and her 13-year-old cousin got in the pool, despite neither or them knowing how to swim.

The Formans said this kind of activity did not surprise them. "This wasn't rare. That's just something she is used to doing, trying to do new stuff," said sister Jewel's sister Felicia Forman.

Family members said Jewel's adventurous side was what caused her to climb over the brick wall into the closed pool. They said they hope others learn from their tragedy. "The old saying curiosity kills the cat is true. I would advise you if you know if you're not supposed to be doing something then don't do it, because a tragedy can trike you at any given time," added the mother.

The time Jewel spent under the water caused irreparable brain damage. She was on life support for eight days. They kept her alive through the day Monday; her 15th birthday.

"She turned 15 and we decided that at 12 o'clock after her birthday, we were going to let her go and be with Jesus," said Cheryl.

"We're glad that she lay to rest and she will have no more worries and suffer no more," said Jewel's older sister.

The Forman's said they have started making arrangement for Jewel's funeral but nothing has been finalized.


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