JACKSON, Tenn. -- Hundreds of people in West Tennessee decided to run in the dark, Thursday night, kind of. A 'Glow Run' is where the runners run at night and wear glowing accessories, such as glow sticks and glow bracelets. This year the 'Glow Run' benefits the Reinbow Riding Academy which is hippotherapy for kids. Organizers said that they are hoping to raise a record amount of money for the program. "This year has been our most successful night. We have raised, from the first year of donating $500 back to the non profits to this year we will probably be giving over $3500 to the non profit, so we are very proud of that," said Anna Page, organizer of the 'Glow Run' event. This is the third year for the 'Glow Run'. The first people that signed up got free long sleeved t-shirts.