Good Samaritan Credited With Saving Life

Erica Williams

BELLS, Tenn- A Haywood County man is credited for saving his neighbor's life. The family of the man and others in the community are recognizing Sammy Fulbright for his act of kindness.

Carolyn Joyner called 911 after realizing her husband wasn't breathing. Fulbright heard her call on his police scanner and immediately rushed to the Joyners' home. Although he had no formal training, he began administering CPR to revive his neighbor, Ricky Joyner.

"I picked him up and put him on the floor and did what I though was CPR and the Lord guided me," said Fulbright.

The ambulance arrived ten minutes later and took Joyner to Jackson Madison County General Hospital. Doctors say if Fulbright hadn't performed CPR, Joyner may not be alive. To the Joyners, their neighbor has become much more.

"He'll be a hero in my eyes from now on," said Ricky Joyner, who was released from the hospital ten days later.

Joyner is expected a full recovery.


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