Grand Junction Begins Hiring New Police Force

Erica Williams

GRAND JUNCTION, Tenn- After controversy within their police department, residents of Grand Junction were left without police protection for weeks; now they said they finally feel safe again.

The town's only full-time police officer, Justin Powers, was terminated in February due to a decision from the District Attorney's office. Since then the only police protection has come from the Hardeman County Sheriff's Department, which is about 20 miles away.

In a board of aldermen meeting, earlier this month, board members approved the hiring of three new part-time officers. One of them started this week.

"We're really happy about that," said Paula Berry, a Grand Junction resident. "We're excited to know that we'll be getting two more officers."

John McKinnie, another resident said even though the town is small, they need their own police force.

"Every town really needs a police officer on duty for the protection of their citizens," said McKinnie.

According to the town Mayor, Curtis Lane, the police department's newest addition is Larry Hunt, who has more than 44 years of law enforcement experience.

Mayor Lane said he plans to hire two more officer within the next couple of weeks.


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