Grand Junction Working To Save Train Station

Empriss Campbell

A historic West Tennessee railroad building won't see the sledgehammers and bulldozers for another 30 days.

The demolition is on hold for now.

"I feel like it is a landmark in Grand Junction. Just the name Grand Junction it's always had a depot," said Barbara Chambers Hensley.

The train depot was scheduled to be torn down weeks ago.

Then a couple of Grand Junction residents stepped in to save the building.

"This is why Grand Junction was built it is a railroad town a railroad town needs its depot. Instead of just tearing it down because its useless," said Hensley.

Residents may not agree that the depot should be torn down, but they do agree that it holds a lot of history.

Some Grand Junction residents believe the building should have been demolished years ago, and others think the old depot should be cleaned up and used as a tourist attraction.

"Repairs on this depot should of been made years ago its gonna coast quite a bit to try to get it in the dry now because of the roof situation," said Hensley.

Hensley said the train depot has been a part of Grand Junction since 1922.


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