Gun Store Burglarized

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn.- Police are investigating after one local weapon store was burglarized, Sunday.

Officials said the thief went to great extremes to break into Direct Hit Guns and Ammo off South Highland Avenue while looking to steal weapons.

"For them to just do that damage and leave they knew what they were doing when they were here that's the way I look at it,"said customer Efron Blackwell. "It's a shame, he worked this hard and then somebody comes and does this to your business when you trying to support the community and let people have nice things in their own life just for people to try and take it away from you because they don't wanna work for it."

There is a wall of bars just behind the store front's entrance with barbed wire draped along the top. Employees said the thief was able to squeeze through the small space, reach through the bars to smash into a glass cabinet and take weapons that were within reach.

"Oh mercy, it's terrible. You can't go away from your store," said customer Johnie Finely. "Yea, they had a lot of nerve didn't they?' They had a lot of nerve."

Jackson Police said when they responded to the alarm, there was a male suspect on the scene. Police said he got away after a short chase. Officers were able to recover all of the stolen weapons from the scene when they returned.

"That's good they recovered them but it's going to happen again and this might not be the only place it happens it's going to happen again somewhere else," said Blackwell.

Customers said the thought of thieves targeting weapons is unnerving. The damage done to the store is significant and expensive. According to the store employees, the shop will be closed down temporarily for repairs.

"I wish they'd just go out and get to work and quit stealing what other people work hard for," said customer Troy Sullivan.

Police said their investigation is ongoing. if you have any information in this case call Jackson Police at (731) 425-8400 or Crime Stoppers.
AT (731) 424-TIPS.


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