Gunman on the Loose in Henderson

Cyndi Lundeberg

HENDERSON, Tenn. - A gunman fired into a house on Hearn Street around 5:00 A.M. Saturday morning. When Henderson Police arrived on scene the shooter was gone, and is now being searched for.

Multiple neighbors say late last night they saw a suspicious looking man approaching the home before shots were fired.

Alex Morris was one of those neighbors. "I woke up, walked out on the front porch, and I sat down and I saw a car parked over there by my driveway. A guy got out and started walking down my road," he said.

The road Morris saw the man walking down was Hearn Street, but he wasn't alone in seeing someone that seemed unfamiliar to neighbors.

Trevor Robertson says Friday night into early Saturday morning he was out in his front yard, and he, too, saw the man he believes to be the gunman police are searching for.

"Of course you see people walking occasionally, but it was pretty late early morning and he looked a little out of place," he said.

Those who saw the man park his car near Hearn Street and walk down the street describe him as a black man. Neighbors say they saw the man walking around 4:00 A.M. Police were called to the scene less than an hour later.

"I mean it's a scary thought, you know, that somebody has been shooting on our block and we don't know who it is," Dontavious Holloway, who lives a few doors down, said.

One neighbor, who asked to not be identified, says she woke up to what she thought were firework-- now she believes were actually gunshots. The shooting, which didn't injure anyone inside the home, rocked the normally peaceful street and flooded it with law enforcement.

"There were cops everywhere! Up and down my road and I seen two of them walk behind my house," Alex Morris said.

Investigators believe the shooting is an isolated incident, but that does little to settle neighbors nerves.

"It'd be really nice if they could catch him very soon!" Trevor Robertson said.

Henderson Police are asking anyone with information to contact them at 731-989-2201.


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