Guns Reported Stolen from MCSD Cruiser

JACKSON, Tenn. - Jackson police officers are investigating two auto burglaries in a north Jackson apartment complex.

Police said they responded to Camellia Trace Apartments Monday morning after the vehicle burglaries were reported.

Officials said one of the vehicle that was robbed was a Madison County Sheriff's Department cruiser that belonged to a resident of the complex.

Polcie said a Rock River Arms RRA-15 semi-automatic rifle, a Remington 870 pump shotgun and a laptop were taken. According to Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork, the shotgun and laptop belonged to the county. The laptop was not believed to have any sensitive information on it.

The Deputy parked about 1:00 a.m. so the burglaries apparently happened in the pre-dawn hours of November 12.

The other vehicle that was burglarized had money and cigarettes stolen from it.

Police said that in the past three or four weeks there have been similar auto burglaries in the nearby Indian Hills area. This may indicate that the perpetrator(s) live in the area.

The Jackson Police Department requests anyone with information or who was awake in the early Monday morning hours at the Camellia Trace Complex who may have seen a suspicious person or vehicle contact the Criminal Investigation Division – Auto Crimes or call Crime Stoppers at 424-8477 or on the web at You can submit an anonymous tip both ways.

The Jackson Police Department also request that citizens in the area be on the look-out for suspicious persons and vehicles, particularly in the mentioned areas, and contact police to come investigate.


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