High Emotions After Murder Victim's Family Visits Crime Scene

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn.- Emotions ran high as friends and family visited the murder scene of victim Antwan Brooks, Tuesday afternoon.

It was the site of last weekend's deadly beating that ignited a war of words between Brooks' family members and those who live on Carolane Drive. "I'm angry, I don't lash out at people, but this is my child," said Brooks' mother Cynthia Williams.

This was the first time family members visited the street where where Brooks was fatally beaten. Several memorial wreaths were placed beneath the mailbox where Brooks' body was found.

Family members said they wanted their visit to bring peace and never expected a confrontation with the neighbors who live along Carolane Drive, but their emotions took over.

"They just killed and left him in the street like a dog," said Williams." "Took his pants off didn't even have the decency to leave his clothes on."

Family members said they fear there are witnesses who are withholding information out of fear of retaliation. Neighbors said if there were witnesses, that fear could be very real.

Several family members said they are taking a stand against violence in that neighborhood, even if it means visiting often and making their presence known. "I'm just letting the people in this neighborhood know that this is not over." said Williams, " It's not going to be over until somebody is held accountable for what they did to my child."

Family members gathered in prayer asking for residents to help police end the violence. "There is no other way we are going to stop this killing in the streets," said Williams, " We are all brothers and sisters, we need to start acting like it."

Brooks' sister Latoya Tipler said she just wants justice and closure for her family but needs the neighborhood's help. "If it was someone that you loved, you would want someone to come forward and let you know what happened," said Tipler, "We need some type of closure."

So far police have not made any arrests. If you have information about this crime, contact the Jackson Police Department's Violent Crimes Unit at (731) 425-8400 or Crime Stoppers at (731) 424-(TIPS).


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