Families Get New Homes, Thanks To Habitat for Humanity

Erica Williams

DYERSBURG, Tenn- They're building homes of hope; and on Saturday two families in Dyersburg got the keys to their own houses which were built by volunteers of Habitat for Humanity.

New homeowner, Tamra Yates, said she's cried tears of joy after she and her family celebrated the dedication of their new home.

Since May, more than 30 volunteers worked together to build two houses: one for the Yates and the other for another Dyersburg family.

"God's working through these people," said Yates. "They're putting people in homes that otherwise wouldn't have a home like this."

Yates and her husband recalled the condition of their old home.

"I look forward to sitting in a living room and looking up not knowing if it's raining by the water coming through the roof," said Paul Yates, Tamron's husband. "Because that's what we were living in before.

"It's really an amazing feeling to know you changed someone's life," said Rachel Cartwright, President of the Habitat for Humanity, Northwest Tennessee region.

Since 1994, the organization has changed the lives of more than two dozen families in the regions who were living in poor housing conditions.


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