Hardeman County Residents Angry Over Fees Paid For Unavailable Service

Erica Williams

MIDDLETON, Tenn- Some Hardeman County residents are asking county officials to reconsider charging them a fee for services they say they do not use.

Jackie Kiddy said he accumulates trash at this home, but not at his vacant rental properties.

"It's only $9 but it's the principal of the thing," said Kiddy, referring to the monthly landfill fee he is charged by the Hardeman County Waste Department.

It's a fee that solid waste director, Gene Mills, said is necessary to operate the landfill. Mills said, even he has to pay the fee on his vacant rental properties.

"I don't think anybody should have to pay for services that are not rendered," said Kiddy.

Mills said only homes that are for sale, or those whose owners are deceased or currently in a nursing home, will not have to pay the fee.

According to Mills, the decision was made by the Solid Waste Committee, that consists of he and eight county commissioners. He said because many rental properties undergo construction and accumulate trash, they still have to pay the fee.


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