Harsh Winter Slows Pest Control

Jordan Hall

JACKSON, Tenn. -- Enduring the coldest winter in decades may have a bright side. Pest control experts said the weather actually made a difference in the bug population, making many residents happy.

Joyce Jackson, like many Jackson residents, loves the sunny days after one of the coldest winters in years. But the sunshine also means the bugs are out.

Pest control companies say you might be able to appreciate the cold after all, especially when dealing with termites.

"They're usually the beginning of March, so with the cold weather that we had in March this year, the swarms have come a little later. Just in the last two weeks we started getting those calls from homeowners and businesses," says David Markowski with Homestead Pest Control.

He said the delay does not mean you should put off treatment, though. As long as you see a problem, they said to call them immediately, because not treating your home is one of the worst mistakes people can make.

"If you don't call right away they are continuously doing damage to your house, and they're eating that wood. If you wait years and years, I've seen houses literally almost fall to the ground because of termites," says Markowski.

Jackson said more bugs or not, she is just happy the sun has finally come out.


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