Haywood Co. coach to return after 3-day suspension

Erica Williams

HAYWOOD COUNTY -- Haywood High School head football coach Ernie Jackson will return Thursday to his duties following a three-day suspension, according to a release from the school system.

School officials said Jackson was suspended after an incident that happened last week.

In a news release issued Tuesday, school officials said the suspension came as a result of unprofessional conduct and neglect of duties when he failed to properly supervise his students during school hours.

Although administrators won't detail exactly what happened, some students have talked to their parents.

"I've heard he was suspended because of the incident when he brought a bow and arrow to school and allowed a student to use it," Haywood County resident Artemus Lewis said.

School officials wouldn't confirm or deny.

"I think he should have just been given a warning," resident Jennifer Padilla said. "He wasn't using it as a weapon."

Administrators said Jackson will report back to school on Thursday, resuming his responsibilities as both a coach and a teacher.


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