Haywood County Gang and Crime Round Up

Cyndi Lundeberg

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. - Law enforcement from around West Tennessee came together Friday for what called a gang round up. Investigators say gang activity has become an increasing problem in surrounding areas.

"Gang problems have become a major problem in West Tennessee and were trying to get on top of it," said Chief Deputy Mike Smothers of Haywood County Sheriff's Department.

District Attorney General Jerry Woodall and General Gary Brown are the forces behind this effort to take down gang activity by teaming agencies from different jurisdictions.

Multiple agencies participated Friday tonight in what they called a saturation of Brownsville and Haywood County. More than 30 law enforcement officers from across West Tennessee met in secret to work together to tackle anything crime related.

"The ultimate goal at the end of tonight is to have as much info on gangs and have as many arrests on outstanding warrants as possible," said Smothers.

The night was broken down into two parts. The first part consisted of arresting people on outstanding warrants. The second portion of the night law enforcement would go into the five Haywood County night clubs looking for drugs, weapons, and underage drinking.

Sergeant Shawn Williams headed Friday's task force. He said this multi-county effort has been a dream of his since 1990. He said the goal was to make three times the amount of arrests.

"I'm hoping it will make residents feel more comfortable with their local law enforcement," said Williams.

Williams said Friday night's work will help all areas of West Tennessee.

"We will turn in information and make arrests for every county involved tonight," he said.

He hoped law enforcement in West Tennessee can continue working together to help stop crime.


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