Brownsville Animal Abuse Investigation


Authorities Investigate Possible Animal Abuse
Modupe Idowu

Five puppies are recovering from malnutrition and a bad case of tick in Haywood County. Residents in the area tipped off officials after spotting five adult dogs who appeared starved.

"The situation the dogs were living in were unbelievable," said Haywood County Animal Shelter Employee Amber Hendrix.

Haywood County officials recovered the pups from a local business and home. Officials charged the owner of Davis Auto Salvage, Joe Alvis Davis with animal cruelty, last week.

"I lifted up his ears, and it was all ticks. Ticks covered this side. Ticks covered that side. They were inside their ear canals. It's horrible," said Hendrix.

Officials called the condition heart breaking. The rib cages of the adult dogs rescued showed through the dark fur of five adult Labradors.

"There's no way to help them. They were very sick, undernourished, had heart worms, very skin and bones, and those animals because of their condition, they had to be euthanized," said Hendrix.

While the adult dogs did not survive, the five puppies discovered at the salvage yard did. And officials say they are getting better each day.

Hendrix said, "To see they've come so far as they have the few weeks is really really awesome."

Now officials are doing everything in their power to make sure the five puppies are placed in a loving home.


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