Haywood County Package Store Targeted Twice in 3 Months

Brittany Nicholson

HAYWOOD COUNTY, Tenn. -- Shots rang out Thursday afternoon inside a package store. A clerk seemed to be the intended target.

The clerk says she is now scared to go back to work after the store is targeted twice in just a matter of months.

Customers of Tibbs Package Store are surprised that thieves would open fire inside a tiny building.

"I heard it. I come out the door and looked down here. I didn't see nothing," Billy Ray, a regular customer and cousin of the victim, said.

He said he is worried about his cousin and friend who both work there.

"It's just like sisters to me, you know, this the hood, you know, don't nobody to hurt nobody," Ray said.

Police said two men walked up around 1:00 Thursday afternoon. One of the men demanded money then stuck a gun through the window and fired three shots as the clerk hid in the corner. Police also say the other man tried to kick in the side door.

When they were not able to get in or get any money, witnesses said they ran down the street, firing two shots at witnesses. No one was hurt. Workers said the store was robbed less than three months ago.

One of the employees said when she was robbed in the store in October they only had a box sitting in the window and when he tried to push it through they started using a plank to keep the box in place.

Workers are fearful they will be targeted again. But many of those who frequent Tibbs Package Store said these criminals will not keep them away.

"Whoever y'all is, don't try to get the hood. That's it. We all people. We just try to get along," Ray said.

The gunmen are described as black men, at least 5' 9" in height with dark complexions and medium builds. They were both believed to be wearing black hats.

Call the Haywood County Sheriff's Department at (731) 772-6158 if you can help.


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