Haywood High School Principal Dorothy Bond resigned Thursday amid accusations of controversial remarks made during a school assembly. Friday afternoon, more than 600 students held a peaceful sit in at their cafeteria in support of Principal Dorothy Bond's return. "Well a few students were talking about standing up for Ms. Bond because a lot of things that were said was not true," said Haywood High School Student Jatarius Boyd. "I would love for her to come back," said Haywood High School student Jerrin Spencer. That was the theme not only at the students peaceful protest but at Friday night's meeting at Faith Deliverance Church. There, students, parents and community members gathered to show their support for Bond. The Haywood County School District announced Dorothy Bond's resignation shortly after the ACLU sent a letter to the district condemning alleged comments made by Bond about teenage pregnancy and homosexuality. "Ms. Bond never made statements such as if you were pregnant your life is over and if you were gay you are going to hell. I was at that assembly as well and she never said that. Ms. Bond said straight or gay PDA was not allowed," said Bond. Students organized the protest on Facebook. Boyd said students participating in the sit in set aside their differences for their principal. "So we all got together and did a prayer for Ms. Bond and a prayer for the school," said Boyd. The parents and community members said Ms. Bond is someone who has always had a positive impact on the students and the community. One parent of a former Haywood High School Student said, "Ms. Bond has been instrumental in Haywood County and in the life and of many students here down through the years." "We're here to support her. That's why we're here tonight, to let her know that we love and appreciate the work that does," said parent Undrae Johnson.