Heat and Drought Causing Problems for Cattle Farmers

Caitlyn Jones

Jackson, Tenn. - Cattle farmers in West Tennessee say they are selling many of their livestock because they don't have the resources to feed them.

The hot and dry weather trend is causing a shortage of grass for cows to graze on. Experts say if the grass won't grow, their cows cannot eat, and selling them is their only option.

This is also the time of year farmers need to bale and store hay for the winter months but that is proving very difficult. Fewer cattle means less meat supply, which could mean higher prices at the market.

"Our cattle producers are starting to liquidate some. They're starting to see when they start running out of grass they're gonna have to start liquidating," said livestock expert Brian White.

White adds, in order to improve grass conditions, West Tennessee cattle farmers need about two inches of rain that lasts over a few days.


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