Henderson County Inmate Allegedly Caught Trying to Escape

Cyndi Lundeberg

LEXINGTON, Tenn. - Terrance Arnold, Jr., 20, is just one of several inmates in the city and county allowed to exit the jail for work. Giving criminals such freedom is making Doris Jowers feel uneasy.

Jowers lives across the street from where Terrance Arnold, Jr. escape. She said this is not the first time her family has been bothered by the inmate workers.

"One man was in charge of all of them... one man... one man can't be in charge of that many children let alone prisoners," she said.

Arnold was allowed to work outside the jail because he was not charged with a sex offense or a violent crime. He worked at a recycling center in Lexington to lighten the length of his sentence.

During a routine check by Captain Woodfin, Arnold was found to be in possession of a cell phone. Instead of handing the cell phone over, Arnold ran.

"T.J.(Arnold) is a lot faster than us older guys... [Captain Woodfin] called for some back up after two three hours later, we found him," Sheriff Duke said.

Arnold was apprehended over seven miles away along McCaney Mills Road in nearby Huron. Melisa Townsend lives near where Arnold was later captured.

"They just have to be careful who they let out on work release, you don't know what they're capable of and if they might run," she said.

As a result of the incident, Arnold lost his job and will face the disciplinary board at the jail.

"He was sorry, he was remorseful. Of course, he was upset with himself. He didn't cause any problems he went peacefully," the sheriff said.

Arnold has been returned to the Henderson County Justice Complex.


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